Scotoplanes sp. A


General: Compare with Scotoplanes globosa. This species is ultra-white with body wall annualtions often clearly visible; annulations are less pronounced at deeper depths. Lateral papillae relatively short.

Geographic Information

Published depth range: Generally less than 1600 m.

Habitat description: Benthic.

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Barry, J.P., J.R. Taylor, L.A. Kuhnz, and A.P. De Vogelaere (2016). Symbiosis between the holothurian Scotoplanes sp. A and the lithodid crab Neolithodes diomedeae on a featureless bathyal sediment plain. Marine Ecology, 38: e12396.

Citation: Scotoplanes sp. A Deep-Sea Guide (DSG) at http://dsg/ Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). Consulted on 2020-10-24.
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