Pennatula phosphorea

Alternate names: Pennatula californica, Pennatula phosphorea californica

Author: Linnaeus, 1758


Geographic Information

Habitat description: benthic, soft sediment

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The Southern California Assoication of Marine Invertebrate Taxonomists (2015). A taxonomic listing of benthic macro- and megainvertebrates from infaunal & epifaunal monitoring and research programs in the Southern California Bight: Edition 9. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Research & Collections, Los Angeles, CA.

Williams, G.C. (2001). First record of a bioluminescent soft coral: description of a disjunct population of Eleutherobia grayi (Thomson and Dean, 1921) from the Solomon Islands, with a review of bioluminescence in the octocorallia. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, 52: 209-225.

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