Octopoteuthis deletron

Alternate names: octopus squid

Author: (Young, 1972)


General: A pair of long, elliptical fins runs the length of the body. Tentacles drop off in early life stages, and adults possess just eight arms. Long arms bear hooks instead of suckers along most of their length. Body typically bright red in color with numerous photophores, including prominent photophores at the tip of each arm. Octopoteuthis deletron possess one (rather than two) tail photophores.

Size: To 17 cm mantle length.

Reproduction: Mature males lack hectocotylus, but have a large penis able to extend well beyond the opening of the mantle. Same-sex mating behavior has been reported, likely as a strategy for reproductive success in an environment where mates are few and far between.

Geographic Information

Ocean range (global): Eastern North Pacific Ocean (from Alaska to Baja California), off Peru, and potentially off Japan.

Habitat description: Mesopelagic.

Additional Information

Color: Bright red. Fins may have light edges. Juveniles are a lighter color, semi-transparent.

Looks like: Octopoteuthis nielseni

Key visual features: Bright red color. Eight arms, no tentacles. Ink is a characteristic light cloud.


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