Luciobrotula sp. A


General: Large head, snout depressed.

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Consulting taxonomist: Nielsen, Jorgen, G., Retired Associate Professor, Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen.

Taxonomist assessment: August 2012; closest recorded species in this genus is from Panama, so these are probably an undescribed species.


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Nielsen, J.G. (2009). A revision of the bathyal species Luciobrotula with two new species. Galathea Report, 22: 141-156.

Nielsen, J.G., D.M. Cohen, D.F. Markle, and C.R. Robins (1999). FAO Species Catalog: Ophidiiform fishes of the world (Order Ophidiiformes). Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy. 178 pp.

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