Enteroctopus dofleini

Alternate names: North Pacific giant octopus, Octopus dofleini

Author: Wülker, 1910


Size: to 160 cm

General: Large, skin with wrinkles fold and papillae, two sucker rows.

Geographic Information

Published depth range: 1 - 1500 m

Habitat description: Benthic.

Additional Information

Consulting taxonomist: Janet Voight, Associate Curator, Invertebrates, The Field Museum.


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Citation: Enteroctopus dofleini (Wülker, 1910) Deep-Sea Guide (DSG) at http://dsg/mbari.org/dsg/view/concept/Enteroctopus%20dofleini. Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). Consulted on 2022-12-05.
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