Allapasus aurantiacus

Author: Holland, Kuhnz, Osborn, 2012


General: Orange-tan. Longitudinal groove prominent in many specimens. Narrow-lipped.

Geographic Information

Ocean range (global): Monterey Canyon, Monterey Fan, Gulf of California.

Published depth range: 2891 - 3492 m

Habitat description: Benthic, sediment burrowing, on lava with a veneer of sediment, or floating above the seafloor. Observed near cold seeps whale falls, on the abyssal plane.

Additional Information

Consulting taxonomist: Kuhnz L., MBARI; Holland, N., Scripps Insitute of Oceanography; Osborn, K., Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

Taxonomist assessment: 2011


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Holland, N.D., L.A. Kuhnz, and K.J. Osborn (2012). Morphology of a new deep-sea acorn worm (class Enteropneusta, phylum Hemichordata): a part-time demersal drifter with externalized ovaries. Journal of Morphology, 273: 661-671.

Osborn, K.J., L.A. Kuhnz, I.G. Priede, M. Urata, A.V. Gebruk, and N.D. Holland (2011). Diversification of acorn worms (Hemichordata, Enteropneusta) revealed in the deep sea. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

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