Search for Data Products

The data products search page allows you to search for data about concepts that have been entered into MBARI’s Deep-Sea Guide. These concepts can be biological, geological, or technical in nature and can be specific (for example, Gersemia juliepackardae) or general (for example, fish). Results from this search give return a list of links to data products pages for concepts returned by the search.

The Deep-Sea Guide was created by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute's Video Annotation Group. Initially for internal use, the search results are focused on data gathered from deep-sea dives by MBARI. MBARI provides these data "as is", with no warranty, express or implied, of the data quality or consistency. It is provided without support and without obligation on the part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute to assist in its use, correction, modification, or enhancement. For more information please see our data use policy.